Lily & Luke

These two drove all the way from Florida to visit family and have their photos taken in the mountains. Bad weather news after bad weather news, they decided to embrace it head-on. After all, in Lily's words, "It still is different than Florida. That and having you take our photos is the goal."

We all felt like we were transported to Seattle with the stunning foggy views. Soon after our hike to the top, Luke and I looked at each other with a "this is the spot" look. As they were walking off into the distance, a beautiful worship song started playing on my speakers. Luke finds his spot and gets down on one knee and immediately time paused. The song on my speakers sang "You're the God who fights for me. Lord of every victory, Hallelujah." Tears filled Lily's eyes as Luke expressed his love and thankfulness for her.

I have never experienced a proposal like this. Ever. It was filled with so much peace, love, and gratitude. The lyrics that played during their proposal linger in my mind. God fights for us. He wants the best for us. He leads us through the wilderness and the Victory is always His. Hallelujah.