a destination mountain wedding

Megan & Moises

Words cannot describe how intentional everyone was at Megan & Moises' wedding. The day was filled with laughter, prayers, happy tears, and constant words of encouragement over this bride and groom. During the first look with Megan and her parents, they both showered Megan with hugs and words of affirmation, telling her how proud they were of her. There was not a dry eye during the ceremony. The presence of the Lord was so peaceful and filled the space with love. They sang, thanking the Lord for what He has done and welcoming Him into their future. During the reception, their friends and family were honest and real. They spoke words of encouragement and love over the bride and groom. Each person told a testimony of how their life has been positively impacted by Megan and Moises.

It was real, it was vulnerable, it was intentional.

They pushed past the worries of being perfect on their day and embraced every tear, every laugh, every hug.

They were present.

And being present is the best way to enjoy the wedding day.